This is a small homage to Mivsan_NT’s playthrough of the Baldur’s Gate saga.

Miv is a great player, and a great teacher, and his playthrough of the saga is just a wonderful way to learn a lot about the game in all possible aspects: the game mechanics, tactics, spells, items, classes, NPCs, the lore of the Forgotten Realms, the curiosities and easter eggs, etc.

This is a list of personal notes taken during the playthrough, which hopefully illustrates well to others the amount of quality information on Miv’s videos, and which can help in showing other players the value of his work.

1. Baldur’s Gate

  • Videos: 78 (about 48 hours)

  • Average length of each video: 36 minutes, 33 seconds

  • Total length of the playlist: 1 day, 23 hours, 32 minutes, 7 seconds

Introductory video to the whole saga, with much, much information (2 hours 42 minutes!).

1.1. Candlekeep With High Charisma [BGEE #01]

Episode #01 - time for some gameplay. We start out in Candlekeep and already encounter some Easter Eggs and witness the effects of our protagonist’s 18 Charisma.

  • 1:00: There are already 2 lesser known things in Candlekeep’s Inn.

  • 1:50: Firebead Elvenhair’s easter egg to gain 300 gold pieces by talking 30 times with him.

  • 3:07: There is a trap left of Winthrop, but it doesn’t trigger or do anything. But as a Thief you can detect and disable it for some experience.

  • 3:42: Charming the nobles in the lower floor gives you some insight into them, and the male will even give you 20 gold pieces.

  • 4:48: The option and outcome when talking to the nobles that is only given if you have 18 Charisma: they put some valuables upstairs, so you can have a chance to steal it.

  • 5:48: The container with the very rare (and valuable) Potion of Clarity.

  • 6:00: A very special locked chest in Candlekeep. Inside there is a Star Sapphire (worth 1000 gold), and if you managed to convince the nobles downstairs, they would put their valuables: a Pearl Necklace (500 gp) and a gem (250 gp). A total of more than 2000 gold pieces just at the start of the game!

  • 7:00: The unfortunate downside is that to get that lock opened, you would either require a Thief with 57 in Open Locks, or be a Barbarian that can increase from an already high Strength score with the Barbarian Rage to bash it.

  • 8:10: The other chest that can be bashed opened with just some initial high Strength, but it is in front of a noble that can call the guards if you loot it…​ If he sees it.

  • 8:42: You can switch to your fist, and do non-lethal damage to the noble till he gets knocked out, then loot the chest without consequences!

  • 10:15: The effects of the iron crisis, and how you better have some spare weapon.

  • 12:35: Hull is satisfyied with just one bolt! You can keep the rest for you.

  • 12:58: Hull’s better reward that you can get with 18 Charisma: a +1 enchanted Dagger.

    The reward is based on Reaction, so the Charisma helps to have a good number, but the current reputation also counts.
  • 14:43: Carbos, being an Assassin, is able to use the Poison Weapon ability due to SCS.

    The Assassin kit comes from the base game, SCS just systematically makes all the characters with the kit have the ability and use it. So it’s not that SCS’s author intended to buff the fight. The EE 2.6 release changed them back to a regular mug. This is a small mistake that Miv could not know about, as he was just playing an earlier version.
  • 15:57: Two outcomes of the conversation with Karan if you solo, or you come with a party. The one with Kiranai in the party is done at 19:29.

  • 23:02: How to use the temples for increasing the reputation, and how at that point in the game is optimal to gain a reputation point. The initial reputation (alignment based) is in the middle ground, which is when is cheaper to buy one reputation point. Since reaching high reputation sooner helps getting the highest discounts sooner, the investment is worth it.

  • 25:30: The encounter with Shank, similar to the one with Carbos. Again Poison Weapon and again a monk, Parda, who has the same line as Karan if you have a party, but a unique one when you play normally (shown at 27:01).

  • 28:10: Tethtoril, and how he is a very powerful character in the lore (protected by 3 deities at the same time: Oghma, Mystra and Deneir).

  • 29:20: "This is one of the million reasons why Baldur’s Gate is so great". Showing and hearing the Chanters that sing the profecies of Alaundo.

  • 31:24: The first opportunity to show the CTRL+J trick to move quicker without having to waste time watching the characters move without doing anything useful.

  • 33:06: A priest heals you when leaving Candlekeep. An EE fix, because originally Gorion did it, and being a Mage he should not be able to.

  • 34:11: The EE also did a different fight of Gorion versus the armored figure.

  • 36:19: Imoen introduction. The alternative portrait and her stats, quite well min/maxed (allowing dualing to Thief, good thieving abilities, and even being the "party leader" for improved reaction and shopping prices). The required score for early traps to be disarmed being low.

  • 40:30, 42:10, 44:43, 47:47, 50:11: First BG1 NPC Project interjections from Imoen. Including a "you don’t talk much lately" instants after she has joined the party. In 46:37, the conversation goes on IMHO for too long, without adding much.

  • 45:10: It’s recommended to talk to NPCs, even the ones with generic names like "peasant" or "noble".

  • 47:45: The hidden diamond in a tree, in the very first area.

  • 51:56: Belt of Antipode looted from Gorion (not identifyied). How it’s not really useful due to the vulnerability to fire.

1.2. First Adventures [BGEE #02]

Episode #02 is the proper start to our adventure - SCS mages and ogres bar our way, but we fight on! Well, except Montaron.

  • 0:58: The Old Man gives you a hint of the hidden stash if you pick the right conversation option (note: probably not in vanilla but from BG1 NPC Project).

  • 1:58: The hidden stash with a Ring of Protection +1, and how the item can be used unidentified.

  • 2:48: Eldoth available early on due to the BG1 NPC Project component.

  • 5:50: The "can’t die in one hit as a level 1 character" rule. Montaron got hit quite badly, but did not die because he was level 1 and uninjured before the hit, so he remained at 1 HP.

  • 7:25: How for some items, while the are the subject of a quest that has to be handed to be completed, can be still nicely equipped for the benefit that it gives.

  • 10:52: Another hidden stash with the Ring of Wizardry, worth it 9000 gold, which doubles the number of spells per day.

  • 16:09: Miv comments on Imoen’s BG1 NPC Project-added interjections, which are quite often at the beginning. Imoen is going to have one more after looting Tarnesh.

  • 17:17: About splitting the NPC pairs that are not supposed to be split.

  • 20:15: Imoen has yet another conversation about adventuring and her nickname, followed immediately by the one that Miv was expecting about Tarnesh’s spellbook, and her interest on magic.

  • 21:30: The BG1 NPC Project makes Imoen say "Manos, potentis, pah" (instead of "Manos, potentis, paro"). Miv explains how that is one of the sentences that mages pronounce when casting spells, depending on the school.

  • 22:18: She will be able to create an item to buff Dexterity by 1.

  • 27:08: With a dead Montaron, one of the ways to split the pairs of NPCs.

  • 29:55: Jaheira has some different stats that in vanilla because of the mods, but those match BG2, as the NPC had different stats across the games. Also, she is modded to Neutral Good, as fits her a bit better.

  • 33:03: Looting, and how Imoen is not yet too useful because of her low Open Locks score, but Kiranai is more useful because of her great Strength. And how there is a retry mechanic, so trying more than once is worth it if you happen to be on the border of succeeding or not.

  • 35:22: The noble who hands the Golden Pantaloons has special dialog and reward if you have high Charisma.

  • 36:00: Landrin, again giving extra reward if you have high Charisma.

1.3. Crashes, NPC Switches and Beregost [BGEE #03]

In this episode we manage to accomplish quite a few things - recruit new NPCs, acquire some money and loot and dispense some justice in the land. Unfortunately, cursor bugs and crashes keep popping up. We shall never surrender, though! It seems like I might have figured out some solutions in the next episode.

  • 2:25: The first Flaming Fist mercenary appears. Miv explains what the organization is.

  • 3:12: The situation with Viconia with the Flaming Fist. How we don’t know for sure if the mercenary is right about Viconia, or she’s innocent of what she’s accused. The mercenary can be charmed to make him disclose more information about the farmers, which somewhat matches what we later can discover about her in Shadows of Amn (though it doesn’t match exactly, so there is some doubt that can leave the door open to speculation).

  • 7:21: Viconia’s portrait in Miv’s installation is from BG2, which for most people is much better.

  • 7:48: Viconia worships Shar, which is not an improvement from Lolth.

  • 8:40: A brief introduction to Drow Elves.

  • 9:38: The -2 to reputation when recruiting and dismissing Viconia.

  • 13:27: Viconia’s stats.

  • 19:25: Firebead Elvenhair’s trick for 300 gold can be done again.

  • 25:05: The Composite Longbow +1 at Feldepost’s Inn, which is probably the best longbow in the game.

  • 26:03: Glitterdust, and how it’s a good spell, but even better for a specialist Mage (a conjurer in this case, like Edwin).

  • 26:28: The significance of the History of the Fateful Coin, and how Firebead Elvenhair might have chosen it with intention.

  • 28:05: How the BG1 NPC Project somewhat ruins the subtlety of Firebead’s choice of words and choice of actions (giving you a book with some suspicious meaning).

  • 29:35: The lore behind History of the Dead Three, the book handed by Firebead.

  • 40:02: Neera’s gem bag, and addition from the EEs, and the utility of the item.

  • 45:47: How you can loot Thunderhammer Smithy if you come at night, and get a Bastard Sword +1.

  • 46:09: Beruel’s Retort, throwing axes +1 which can be used on melee.

  • 47:38: The good bonuses that Full Plate Mail has against all weapons, except crushing damage.

  • 53:58: How Kiranai has such great stats compared to Khalid.

  • 57:53: A brief mention of the Morale Failure mechanic.

1.4. A Gibberling Champion Arises [BGEE #04]

We can defeat SCS mages, bounty hunters and mad bards like Silke - there comes a time in a man’s life, however, when he must be humbled by a gibberling.
  • 2:11: The small amount of experience that you can get in BG1 for lock picking was brought by the EE. And how in BG2EE you actually gain a lot more. Likewise with scroll scribing.

  • 4:58: The Belt of Antipode. Only some potential situations to use it, but rarely worth the effort (better sell it).

  • 8:56: Splitting the pairs with the option added with the mod.

  • 13:04: Garrick/Silke have a higher offer if you have high reaction, or lower with bad reaction.

  • 18:32: Garrick and some NPCs will disappear if don’t join when they ask, so if you want them for later, you need to add them for a second, then dismiss them.

  • 18:56: Basic overview of Garrick and the Bard class. He has a bad morale break value, but his initial Pick Pockets score is good enough to steal Algernon’s Cloak buffing him with a potion.

  • 20:18: Algernon and his special cloak. How it has changed from the original game, and how it can be pick pocketed early on, even though you are only supposed to know about his special item via a quest giver in the city.

  • 29:28: The Stupefier, and how it was immensely good (in EE 1.x, later it was well toned down in EE 2.x).

  • 33:28: Funny lines if you charm Kagain before recruiting him.

  • 35:50: Kagain overview and his strenths and weaknesses.

  • 43:25: The Quick Loot feature.

  • 47:05: The Flaming Fist mercenaries that question you and think that the party are a bunch of bandits can be killed for some XP and some Plate Mail armor.

  • 48:00: A Gibberling Champion arises! The first and only time of the playthrough where Senashira was killed, and only to a lowly opponent.

1.5. Finishing Northern Loose Ends [BGEE #05]

Our heroes finish up some northern quests and set out to visit High Hedge and local areas for big rewards in the next episode. Stay tuned!

  • 9:04: Jewelry doesn’t depreciate like other items.

  • 14:44: Recruiting Kivan. Miv says that in the unmodded game he’s one of his favorite characters. But with the NPC Project his personality doesn’t line up with Miv’s expectations. Also covering his stats, strengths, etc.

  • 17:20: Senashira and throwing daggers, how she’s still capable besides not having the proficiency for them.

  • 17:53: Perdue’s short sword looking the same, only having a different name, which is easy to overlook.

  • 20:17: The weight of throwing daggers is small in BG, but it’s zero on IWD.

  • 21:15: How Permidion Stark hints you at the entrance of High Hedge on the Flesh Golems. The EE moved them towards the rear, so even if they are hostile initially, you have time to speak to Thalantyr and make them neutral.

  • 24:15: The Wand of Sleep in Thalantyr’s goods. How nice it is, as it can be used by anyone.

  • 22:37: The problem with the "not usable by" in the descriptions, how it’s kinda confusing to read, instead of saying which ones can actually use it.

    This is a change due to how the usability of items works. Only by listing the ones which can’t use them, the game can be 100% accurate.
  • 27:18: It’s very important to be armed with a melee weapon when someone attacks you in melee (never unarmed or with a ranged weapon), as you get a lot of penalties attacking yourself and enemies get a +4 bonus.

    The bonus that a character attacking someone with a ranged weapon gets is also for the player, and it’s +4 to hit and +4 to damage! The damage is also multiplied on backstabs, so a Thief that lands a backstab on an archer can be very damaging.
  • 27:40: Kivan’s banter from the NPC Project, and how Miv doesn’t like it very much.

1.6. Bassilus the Mad Cleric [BGEE #06]

The SCS-buffed cleric Bassilus had some trouble dealing with reality and our heroes had to put his twisted mind at ease. Also featured is the spell Antichickenator - will creative use of magical rules save Melicamp from his foul affliction? Tune in to find out!

  • 3:35: First explanation of SCS’s component "better calls for help". Which makes groups of enemies smarter, in that they won’t just fight on their own, but will "call" other enemies to fight you.

  • 6:50: Bassilus preparation starts. He’s a level 12 cleric. He typically starts with a Hold Person. Miv mentions the issue with the first spell being specially hard to interrupt, but not consistently.

  • 10:33: Depending on the conversation with Bassilus, the skeletons "die" and Bassilus has to fight alone.

  • 16:46: Bassilus' loot. The big price is Ashideena, which is going to be Senashira’s main weapon for a long part of the whole saga. Ashideena deals one point of electricity damage, and will be able to go through a mage’s Stoneskin, and interrupt them.

  • 17:55: Miv explains that to succeed at Melicamp’s quest, he might need to reload, given that when finishing the quest there is a random chance of failing.

  • 27:03: Giving a look to Thalantyr’s inventory. The wand of fear not being as useful with SCS as is in vanilla, due to enemies having protection against fear much more often.

  • 27:43: Why consumables make a big difference, and why Miv favors buying them. Specially at that point of the playthrough where Charisma is already the maximum that grants discounts (20) and reputation is high enough (17).

  • 30:33: Imoen achieves level 3. Miv commits to 75 in Open Locks so she’s able to tackle the majority of the locks.

1.7. The Journey to Nashkel [BGEE #07]

In episode #07 our heroes receive life advice from a naked hermit, learn about some upcoming games from Lord Foreshadow and finally arrive in Nashkel to begin the second chapter of the saga.

1.8. Meeting Nashkel’s Peculiar Populace [BGEE #08]

We have finally arrived in Nashkel. After talking to and scaring some of the peculiar locals, the heroes decide to also check out the nearby carnival. In the episode we meet such famous personalities like Volo, The Great Gazib, Oopah the exploding ogre, Jamie the naked dude, Binky the Buffoon and Vitiare the not-so-alive-anymore thief.

1.9. Carnival Fun and Nightmares [BGEE #09]

We explore more of the Nashkel’s carnival attractions. However, it gives Senashira nightmares, so after making a few important purchases from the magical trinkets vendor, we recruit the dynamic duo of Minsc & Boo and prepare for the long trek to the Gnoll’s Stronghold in the next episodes.

1.10. Heroic Deeds and References [BGEE #10]

In episode #10 we almost get a taste of Throne of Bhaal with Sendai and demons present south of Nashkel. Our heroic deeds, such as finding a lost puppy and retrieving a dead cat, allow us to do important level ups and reach 20 reputation. We shall make use of the discounts provided by that soon!

1.11. Dead Bodies Everywhere [BGEE #11]

In episode #11, our party increases the amount of frags in their stats significantly - we massacre a village of xvarts, as well as a horde of gibberlings, slaughter a lying conman, some bandits and a group of monsters. Unfortunately, the adrenaline from all the bloodshed gets to Jaheira, who decides to charge into a berserked ogre…​

1.12. The Gnoll Stronghold [BGEE #12]

Our heroes arrive at the Gnoll Stronghold, with Minsc eager to barge in. Through the usage of Charm we learn of the true purpose of Dynaheir’s mission on the Sword Coast. We also acquire the Tome of Charisma and find out that Jaheira’s life is worth less than a winter wolf’s pelt.

2. Shadows of Amn

Videos: 177 (about 113 hours)

Average length of each video: 38 minutes, 15 seconds

Total length of the playlist: 4 days, 16 hours, 51 minutes, 5 seconds

2.1. The Guarded Compound [BG2:EE #71]

In episode #71 our heroes search for a slaver hideout in Athkatla’s Temple District to rid the city of their foul presence once and for all. We also attend the graduation ceremony of our apprentices and visit Cromwell, the famous dwarven smith, to craft some items and serve as a crowd.

  • 0:23: When freeing Nalia from Isaea Roenall, during the quest a note found hinted at some slaver operations on Athkatla. Miv uses that as a justification to investigate in a "suspicious state" in the Temple District.

    Some mods can affect the contents of this notes in order to make the Guarded Compound not as disconnected from all the other events and quests.
  • 1:32 and 5:23: The first encounter on the compound can be trivialized by Death Spell, specially in the unmodded game. SCS makes Death Spell (and Death Fog) a bit less powerful, by making Genies not considered "summoned", but "gated", and hence exempt of being instant killed by Death Spell.

  • 20:40: The most notable loot from the Guarded Compound is Celestial Fury, which in the EE gained a description (in the classics it had the description of a regular magic katana). Miv explains that it is very good, and that some people even consider it boring because it makes some fights too easy, due to the stunning effect.

  • 29:23: To be able to make some time pass for the Mage and Fighter strongholds, Miv goes to visit Cromwell for the first time, the dwarf that can forge weapons from components. As the character says, he only works on commissions. Miv forged the armor from the scales of the Shadow Dragon and Red Dragon.